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  • zeigeCANIGOU CYCLING - OWES Money after Canigou Cancelled trip (beantworten) | Lee Stiotis Mail an Absender | 31.08. 10:16
    I would not recommend cycling with Canigou Cycling. I paid a deposit of 1225 euros in November 2016 for a trip commencing 10 September 2017. It was cancelled on 9 August 2017 after I had emailed many times to find out if the trip was going ahead.

    I have not received any response regarding the outstanding refund of euro 1225 for the cancelled September Pyrenees trip. Under the terms and conditions a refund was due 7 days after the tour was cancelled. In an email of 9 August 2017 Dirk Guennemann said he would refund the 1225 euros.

    Specifically he said that “Of course, I will refund you the complete amount you have prepaid (1225€).” I engaged his firm and paid the monies in good faith that he would deliver the services.

    He has not responded to my emails of 9 August, 17 August, 21 August and 28 August and 30 August which provided details for him to undertake the refund and requesting advice as to when this may occur.

    This failure to respond is totally unsatisfactory and raises questions regarding the firms professionalism, honesty and integrity. His actions to date would not be in accord with how people and tour operators should deal with their clients.

    Canigou are advertising on their Deutsche website Pyrenees tour for 2018 between 19 August to 2 September and other Pyrenees tours .

    I would recommend any person thinking of touring with Canigou to be very careful as based on their performance in respect of my case they are not to be trusted.

    Very disappointed and 1225 poorer.