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Pian Geirett : Pian Geirett - video

  • gyorgyigabor, 23.02.2012, 11:03 Uhr 25.02.2012, 06:21 Uhr
    I cycled Pian Geirett (based on the sign, it is situated at 2012 m) in a similar weather, than Ticinobegleiter had cycled it. It is a truely hard - and calm - ascent, with no traffic. I wasn't happy downwards because of the "Wasser-Querrinnen".
    In this video the Pian Geirett section starts at 16:26. Before that the video contains: Passo San Gottardo + Lago della Sella ascents.
  • TicinoBergler46, 23.02.2012, 23:17 Uhr 25.02.2012, 06:21 Uhr
    Hello Gabor,
    Weather in Ticino is normally good, often blue. Look at these pictures from may 2nd ride to Pian Geiritt. Same applies to my 8th ride up to Gottardo/Tremola, as you see here or here. I bet the next time you are in Ticino, the weather will range between deep blue and very good. At least you would deserve it.
    Besides your videos are fantastic!.
    Klaus TicinoBergler
  • Cinelli09, 24.02.2012, 12:03 Uhr 25.02.2012, 06:21 Uhr auf TicinoBergler46
    Dear TicinoAccompanist,

    I hope that you are aware about the current weather situation in Ticino,namely, you can sense the coming of spring within the next few days with temperature near 68 degree Fahrenheit.Coming soon !!!Until then

    Best regards

  • gyorgyigabor, 24.02.2012, 16:59 Uhr 25.02.2012, 06:21 Uhr auf TicinoBergler46
    Thanks :-)
    This year I had the worst weather in the Alps since I first visited it more than a decade ago. It was in July and it was said that the weather in July was bad there.
    In 2010, at the end of June I had great weather In Switzerland (when I cycled Nagens, Flüelapass, etc...)
    I know that you try to visit the climbs by perfect weather :-), but thanks the info. I cycled Furkapass 3 different times since 2001 and each time I saw clouds coming above Grimselpass and covering it. I have never seen Grimselpass under blue sky and Nufenenpass too (visiting twice), so I enjoyed very much your photos (also fantastic !) about Sustenpass and the others. Sustenpass seems to be worth visiting in sunshine :-)
    Best regards ,

    PS: I hope I will finish the english version of my travelogue about my last, 3 weeks long bicycletour this weekend.
  • gyorgyigabor, 24.02.2012, 22:02 Uhr 25.02.2012, 06:21 Uhr auf TicinoBergler46
    Klaus, this climb was such a climb that you had uploaded here only few months before I prepared my plan / schedule and after I had realized this new climb, I took it into consideration :-)
    Thanks :-)
  • TicinoBergler46, 25.02.2012, 06:21 Uhr auf Cinelli09
  • manumartin, 11.07.2019, 19:24 Uhr 11.07.2019, 19:24 Uhr
    fantastic ride to pian geirett today. superb
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