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Col d'Aubisque (1709 m)

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video : Col du Soulor + Aubisque

  • gyorgyigabor, 03.03.2011, 21:53 Uhr 21.06.2011, 11:58 Uhr
    Über das Asphalt ich hatte das Name von Ulle gesehen in 2010 !!
    Das ist eine legendäre Ansteig:

    Gabor (Ungarn)
  • TicinoBergler46, 03.03.2011, 23:01 Uhr 21.06.2011, 11:58 Uhr
    Hello Gyorgyi,
    super video!
    I am glad to see you joining this forum. It would be helpful, if you could give us a comprehensive overview what ascents/tours you already made and what your future plans are.
  • gyorgyigabor, 04.03.2011, 19:17 Uhr 21.06.2011, 11:58 Uhr auf TicinoBergler46
    Totally I cycled these climbs above 2000m:-)

    Since 2004 I have serious tours in the Alps.
    The longer ones are: (but there were 3-6 days long too a few times)
    Here are the english travelogues; almost all of I have in english. (my name is written bad, but not counts)
    And I will finish my pyreneen travelogue this weekend.
    And I found that I didn't submitted / added to that site my another travelogue about I had in the Pyreneen.

  • TicinoBergler46, 04.03.2011, 19:52 Uhr 21.06.2011, 11:58 Uhr auf gyorgyigabor
    unbelievable fantastic record!
  • Gast, 21.06.2011, 11:57 Uhr 21.06.2011, 11:58 Uhr
  • Gast, 21.06.2011, 11:58 Uhr auf
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