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Col du Petit St. Bernard (2188 m) Kleiner St. Bernhard, Piccolo San Bernardo

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malerische Fahrt durch das Aosta-Tal??

  • DragAttack, 28.10.2003, 21:20 Uhr 07.09.2004, 21:02 Uhr
    Ich bin dieses Jahr die beschriebene Strecke über großen und kleinen St. Bernhard gefahren. Die trecke durchs Aostatal fand ich aufgrund der Verkehrsdichte als ziemlich unangenehm. Leider hatte ich mit 1:600.000 nur recht grobes Kartenmaterial dieser Gegend. Gibt es zwischen Aosta und Morgex eine Umgehung?<br> Gruß Torsten
  • dockter, 07.09.2004, 21:02 Uhr
    so isses..durchs aosta tal mit dem rad is wohl nur was für besonders schmerzlose zeitgenossen. auch der pt. st. bernard ist nicht zu empfehlen viel zu viel autos!
  • danielhauser, 02.02.2019, 12:32 Uhr auf dockter
    Dem übermässigen Verfkehrsaufkommen muss ich entschieden widersprechen. Am Kleinen St. Bernard ist es während der Woche nahezu verkehrsfrei. Zumindest im oberen Teil ab La Thuile. Bis La Thuile can man ach die ie härtere Strecke über den Colle San Carlo fahren. Da ist man eigentlich nur mit sich selbst beschäftigt, da die Steigung nicht enden will.
  • sugu, 04.02.2019, 13:10 Uhr auf danielhauser
    Nun ja, die Original-Anfrage war für den verkehrsreichen Teil von Aosta bis Morgex, da ist genau der Abzweig zum San Carlo ... Aber trotzdem herzlichen Glückwunsch zum "Goldenen Spaten" als Belohnung für das Ausgraben eines fast 15 Jahre alten Threads :-)
  • Uwe, 04.02.2019, 15:27 Uhr auf sugu
    Ich habe noch ältere Infos: Bin 1987 mal von Aosta nach Morgex mit dem Rad über die Hauptstraße gefahren und habe sie als meine gefährlichste Fahrt des ganzen Lebens in Erinnerung. Damals gab es keine Autobahn und alles musste durch die schmutzigen Tunnels. Da waren die Tunels am nächsten Tag auf dem Weg zum Iseran ein Kindergeburtstag.
    Viele Grüße, Uwe
  • sugu, 05.02.2019, 16:38 Uhr
    Mit so soliden Erfahrungen kann ich nicht mithalten: Vor zwei Jahren bin ich von Zermatt ins Valtournenche gekommen und dort über den Col San Pantaleone ins Aostal gefahren. Am Hang entlang habe ich es noch bis Nus geschafft. Ab dort habe ich die Hauptstraße genommen (ja, es gibt dort Alternativen), die wegen der parallelen Autobahn und der Uhrzeit schon Verkehr hatte, aber es ging noch. Auf Grund der Erfahrungen habe ich dieses Jahr von Etroubles die "Abkürzung" über den Point Chaligne genommen und bin bei Avise ins Haupttal gelangt. Da blieb nur noch ein Tunnel bis Morgex übrig.
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video: Col du Petit St Bernard

  • gyorgyigabor, 18.02.2012, 14:43 Uhr 27.02.2012, 17:55 Uhr
    I recoded my videofilm during cycling up to the top:
    (2nd half of this, after 15 min...: ),
    It also contains few minutes about cycling up to Les Suches and Colel San Carlo with views back towards Les Suches and Col du Petit St Bernard.

    Gábor Györgyi von Ungarn
  • velolama, 22.02.2012, 10:52 Uhr 27.02.2012, 17:55 Uhr
    Dear Gabor

    This is a real nice video - the sound underlines the content. The Val Ferret is wonderful. What are the next Cols for you this year?

    Kind regards
    Gregor (Switzerland)
  • gyorgyigabor, 23.02.2012, 00:55 Uhr 27.02.2012, 17:55 Uhr auf velolama
    Hello Gregor,
    After last year, for this year I have not so serious plan. Exactly, no more so long tours (more than 2 weeks long). Last year totally I spent / cycled ca. 38-40 days abroad, this year I think I would cycle ca. half of it.
    Mybe I will return to Grossglocknerstrasse where I last cycled in 1998 (without videocamera), and I will visit there few great climbs like the panoramic Gerlitzen, and return to a loved and hard ascent: Grosse Oescheniksee: I plan to spend ca. 5-6 days there.
    Maybe I'll visit 3 paved road finishing above 2000m, informations about two of them was uploaded since I finished my tour this year. That could be ca. a week long tour.
    It has choice for cycling 3-4 days along the Adriatic in Croatia, but that's an idea.
    Up to now I didn't prepared a plan / schedule, but in few weeks time I would prepare some versions.

    And what are your plans, Gregor ? Do you have favourite ascents or climbs that you would visit again ? (Or you prefer visiting new ones every time ?)

    Best regards,

    PS (funny): the video that I'm just editing is about swiss climbs: this year I was unfortunate with weather in Switzerland and in other years in Switzerland I often experienced rainy and / or cold weather, so in that windy and rainy day I recorded for video that I suggest: "-If you want to cycle by good weather, don't come to cycle to Switzerland" :-)

  • velolama, 23.02.2012, 10:14 Uhr 27.02.2012, 17:55 Uhr auf gyorgyigabor
    Hello Gabor

    Your tours are impressing and the intend behind it, is strongly - so I think at night-cycling at the Col du Petit St. Bernard. The video recording including preparation (sound, cut, voice editing) is a nice form to re-feel bike-racing also in winter and I think that is a good way to work out all these various bike experiences.

    This year I' m part of transalp and haute-route. Therefore I will prepare some climbs from this tours like: Timmelsjoch, Grödnerjoch, Würzjoch and Kühtai. The French Alps I know partly from an earlier trip. There I like for example the nice and calm Galibier, the mythical Mont Ventoux or the remarkable Col de la Bonnette. I' m looking forward to Alpe d'Huez and every year I like cycling the Furka, Susten, Albula, Umbrail, Stelvio and the Klausen. Last year showed me the Grand Col du St. Bernard or the Bernina the hard and re-thinkable and intensive side of racing climbs. Weather challenges I had last year in june at the Stelvio - sunshine, rain and snow. In a singular way I like very much the Gavia.

    I' m preparing tours and mountain climbs rather spontaneously, that means how my prefering point of view actually is: nature, altitude, longitude or by studying maps and with quäldich.

    Best regards

  • gyorgyigabor, 24.02.2012, 16:46 Uhr 27.02.2012, 17:55 Uhr auf velolama
    Hello Gregor,
    Thanks :-) Yes video editing needs time, but I enjoy watching them again and there are cyclists who like the videos :-) and other thing is to inform the cyclists about those climbs, like Idalpe, or Berghaus Nages, etc: both are nard, I loked them and I can suggest to everyone. End there are a lot of others: great landscape with pleasant ascents.

    Transalp and Haute-route are great challenges. Have you cycled them earlier ? (I know, last year was when Haute-route was first organised.)
    Few years ago I thought about participating Transalp, but in every case I "could" do that, that during the tour I would record videofilm about it, as I did it by Ötztaler radmarathon.
    As you write, for me the preference is the sdame: 1st: enjoying the nature and enjoying the climbs....
    If Alpe d'Huez is the part of Haute-route it will be fantastic! I had unbelievable memories from La Marmotte, when guys along the road cheered me. I can't forget that.
    I also recorded video there :-), but that wasn't HD, but the feeling..... (at 6:16 of the video)
    at 1:20 is Le Bourg d'Oisans and than the ascent.
    As I looked through the route of haute-route, it is very motivating with a lot of summit finishes, that I like. Maybe next year. But I don't know about time limit, etc.... I should read the conditions.

    Where do you live in Switzerland ?
    Susten... - I cycled it in rain, but I know, that is is a wonderful climb, so if I return to Wsitzerland, to Scimfusspass and the other small mountain road in Graubünden... than I will / I should cycle Sustenpass in better weather conditions.
    You wrote about Bernina, Grand St Bernard: did you race there or "only" trained as it if it were a race ?

    In South Switzerland, Wallis I can suggest Bettmeralp and Alpe Galm: they are great ascents with almost no traffic.

    Best regards,
  • velolama, 27.02.2012, 17:55 Uhr auf gyorgyigabor
    Hello Gabor
    Thank you. I did the transalp last year. It was well organized and really amazing and you have to be a team of two persons. I know the time limit is 8 hours at the transalp. The Haute-route I will do for the first time, I' m looking forward.

    The Susten is often a crazy climb. I had there sunstrok and it was cold in summer. But I like for example the glacier there (Steingletscher) and I like the glacier at the Grimselpass (Oberaargletscher). I did the alpenbrevet with extreme bad weather conditions (rainy and very cold). So the wallis I don't know really well, but the wallis is on the to do list - thanks. From Zurich it is far away.

    Concering the Grand St. Bernard I took the time and I was really tired after more than 2.5 hours and 2000 hm. In my imagination I liked doing him from both sides. That was impossible. I don't know if there is a race. Sometimes I take the time. I'm interested in the performance (watt pro kg). I wish you a pleasant season with less bad situations.

    Best regards

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